Chilombo News is a non-profit fansite dedicated to two entertainers, who happen to be sisters, Jhené Aiko and Mila J. Originally, the owner of this site had owned fansites for both sisters individually – JhenéAiko.Us, which now has a new owner, and Mila J Daily. The purpose of bringing them together was to better update you on their latest endeavors in the entertainment industry; especially with them having many similar fans. The fansite debuted on March 2nd of 2016.

Chilombo News is currently hosted by and ran by Taryn. If you would like to contact her, please send emails to

We have no personal or professional affiliations with Jhené Aiko, Mila J, any member of their family or any employees of ARTium Records, Def Jam Records, or Motown Records. Any emails addressed to Jhené Aiko, Mila J or anyone affiliated with either party will be discarded.

On this fansite, we do use images and media from all plenty of sources, in which they receive credit. All images and media are copyrighted to their respective owners; no infringement is intended. Any issues with the usage of any material, contact us, prior to taking legal action, and it will be removed promptly.

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